Reduce Man Boobs

Large fatty or pendulous breasts on a man are hugely embarrassing for those who have this condition.

This may not be something you suffer from but just look around the pool and park and you will see men who are self-conscious about their chest development. Often they try to disguise their appearance by wearing T shirts several sizes too large in the pool or just covering up on a hot day and if this is you then you should know that it is possible to reduce man boobs completely.

The significant causes of man boobs are an over production of the female hormone estrogen, either naturally or through steroid use, and simply bad diet linked with poor exercise. This last cause can lead to a build-up of fat in the body and much of it in the chest region.

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These pendulous breasts simulating those of a woman are often a severe source of embarrassment but are not permanent if action is taken.

When I talk of action to reduce man boobs I mean a plan that can be adhered to for a period of weeks and possibly months until a genuine reduction has occurred. There are no quick fixes that will give you that chiselled manly appearance and those people that offer such systems are just wasting your time and money.

Essentially this is because something that takes a while to become evident will take a similar time to cure. You can reduce man boobs overnight if you elect surgery but this is both expensive and risky. Not only that, but if you don’t make some lifestyle changes the chances are that the condition will reoccur.

The situation of fatty tissue build up refers to one type of man boobs and is referred to as pseodogynecomastia as it doesn’t have the hard fibrous lumps in the medical condition known as gynecomastia.

Treatment for this is more difficult and to identify the condition look for hard lumps around the nipple area that feel a little like marbles and can be quite painful. You may in fact have little actual fat tissue build up so to reduce man boobs appearance in this
situation won’t respond to exercise alone.

In extreme cases this can lead to actual breast deformity and begins for many during teen years during puberty. It is actually a hormone imbalance that can be treated quite easily with topical preparations but these may have some interesting side effects such as increased sex drive, penile growth and some aggressive behavior characteristics.

Obviously regular consultation with a medical professional will see that your efforts to reduce man boobs don’t get out of hand. A simple reduction in dosage may eliminate extreme side effects at the same time as giving a reduction in the growths that distort appearance.

Checking with a doctor may also reveal that some relatively harmless steroidal creams and medication may be causing the problem in the first place.

Even just making the man boobs less noticeable may achieve the result you need to get more confident about appearing in public so give this form of treatment a chance as soon as you can.

Your appearance is what makes you confident and too many men just hide away with this condition or endure humiliation in social situations. This doesn’t have to be you.

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