Lose Your Man Boobs

lose your man boobsIs there a way to really lose your man boobs?

Man boobs, also known as male breasts, or Gynecomastia, are one of the most embarrassing conditions for men whatever the age. They can be humiliating when others notice them and the effect on a social life can be nearly terminal.

The drive to lose your man boobs can be an obsession for some men and dominate their every waking moment. The good news is there is an answer to the problem that doesn’t mean you have to go under the surgeon’s knife.

You can greatly reduce or lose your man boobs using a simple topical treatment that is either OTC or accessible without prescription. Forget all you have ever heard about the herbal pills available on the internet. They will not do the job and their claims would be funny if it wasn’t for the money they con out of desperate people.

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Firstly what is the nature of this problem?

  1. Gynecomastia: put simply this can be the hard tissue in the chest area especially prominent around the nipple area. This can be quite painful at times and doesn’t matter whether you have a low amount of body fat or not. This condition arises when there is a hormone imbalance. Teens going through puberty and the overuse of some steroid preparations can cause this as well.
  2. Chest Fat:  To lose your man boobs in this situation may be a lot easier as this is primarily just a build-up of fat stored on the chest area that gives you the appearance of having a woman’s breasts.
  3. Hard Lumps and Chest Fat:  This dual problem comes with a combination of the two main causes and some hair regrowth preparations can be responsible.

Is surgery the answer to lose your man boobs.

Getting rid of gynecomastia may require surgery but there are topical applications that may do the job in most cases. For many the reduction in the worst of the appearance of breasts may be enough even though there is still some hardly noticeable tissue remaining.

When it comes to the problem of chest fat then patience and perseverance is the best way I can suggest to show you how to lose your man boobs. A combined program of diet and exercise over several months may be needed to get the results that you desire, but at least this will work. It will also give you a sound platform of behavior for the future that can prevent the problem reoccurring.

It is important to understand that to lose your man boobs is only part of the question as if the cause is bad diet and poor exercise or a hormonal imbalance then you need to ask how committed are you to a complete lifestyle change?

Continuing to eat, drink and laze about will only see the condition persist whatever treatment or system you try for a short period. A few bench presses or cutting back to a six pack of beer a day is never going to mean you have found the secret way to lose your man boobs.

Be prepared for a lot more activity on your behalf and while some of the systems that will deliver you real results won’t cost you much in the way of cash they will take all the commitment you have.

If you want male breasts then just kick back and open another brew. It’s your health and ultimately your life you are playing with.

Simple make a decision to lose your man boobs once and for all.

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