Perception of Gynecomastia

GynecomastiaGynecomastia is a very tough medical condition to deal with. This is the medical term for the abnormal development of breasts on a male’s chest. It can happen due to a variety of reasons. Surprisingly, this condition can affect males of all ages. It is not uncommon to see infants with enlarged breasts.

A man who suffers from this condition has to contend with a wide range of reactions ranging from disgust to ridicule. Gynecomastia is known to people by many commonly used terms. The very names – male boobs, moobs etc. denote just how derisively people consider this condition.

Most people know very little about this condition or indeed about the fragile emotional state of the men who suffer from it. The fact is that it is not only women who have to contend with popular ideals of physical perfection and beauty. Men are increasingly being held to similarly harsh standards. It is unfortunate that popular media has a role to play in this.

Many people believe that a man with breasts is somehow less ‘manly’ than a man who does not have these growths. Men are expected to have hard and firm chests. The presence of breasts on a man’s chest is so unexpected that most people don’t know how to deal with the sight. It is not surprising that a person who has male breasts is quite unwilling to have normal romantic or sexual encounters, especially with people he has just met. As a matter of fact, this person is generally the only one who is fully clothed at a backyard barbecue or swimming pool.

If a man is unfortunate enough to develop breasts at a very early age, such as during his teenage years when hormonal imbalances are very common, he will have to carry the scars for a very long time indeed. As a rule, men who have Gynecomastia tend to be shy and introverted and this has a far reaching negative impact on their career and life.

Even people who suffer from Gynecomastia have many wrong perceptions about it. They believe that there is nothing they can do to get rid of the problem except have plastic surgery. While liposuction is definitely useful in some instances it is not the only solution to the problem. A man can exercise, eat healthy and take hormonal treatment to get freedom from this problem.

Whatever the outside world’s perception of Gynecomastia is, a person suffering from it should not lose heart. He should try out all available methods to make these breasts go away.

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