Male Breast Reduction Surgery

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Male Breast Reduction SurgeryWill male breast reduction surgery remove my chest fat?

When it comes to solutions for getting rid of the appearance of male breasts then male breast reduction surgery is certainly one option. It is neither cheap nor without risk and ultimately may not cure the condition entirely.

One other thing to consider is whether it is required at all as there are several other treatments for the condition that are simpler, less expensive and long lasting, but there is one situation where some surgery may be necessary.

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Let’s look at what this condition actually is. The medical term, gynecomastia refers particularly to the presence of hard tissue build up which can occur in a male around the nipple areas. Steroid use for young males may promote this or naturally from the results of the raging hormones present in puberty.

Hormone treatment to reverse this may reduce the swellings but if the condition has deformed the chest or is particularly painful then a specialist consultation may advise removal with the resulting male breast reduction surgery.

Whereas women require surgery to reduce the overall size of their breasts and the procedure involves not just fat and some tissue removal but reshaping as well men’s surgery is often less intensive in the cases of gynecomastia.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery for the treatment of Gynecomastia

For some men there is the opportunity to add implants that accentuate the chest area definition to create the appearance of instant muscle. To go from flabby, floppy man boobs to a rippling chest must seem like a miracle but a word of caution here. You need to get the rest of the body in shape as well and maintain it otherwise the end results over time can look absurd.

I mentioned that gynecomastia is only one condition that may require man boobs surgery to correct. A similar appearance occurs from a condition called pseudogynecomastia which is just a build-up of chest fat creating hanging breasts. These may be corrected over a period of time with exercise and diet but the chest skin surface can be permanently stretched and scarred.

Male breast reduction surgery is a simple procedure to remove any surplus fat, sculpt the chest and reposition the nipples as required to look normal.

With any type of surgery there is some risk attached so it would be wise to examine anything else before using this choice. Sure the skin surface will be altered but some ongoing pain and reduction in movement may result.

The worst thing is that it won’t cure your susceptibility to the growth again of man boobs if the diet still contains large amounts of estrogen producing hormones and fat.

Self-discipline is one of the essential ingredients in any program to reduce the chest fat build up you may have or otherwise you may be trapped in a regular cycle of male breast reduction surgery and the build-up of fat again.

Hormone supplements won’t produce instant results promised either as without getting off the couch and exercising there is no guarantee where any fat loss will occur.

By all means use male breast reduction surgery as a last resort particularly where the chest is deformed or the skin badly scarred, but examine carefully all the other diet and combined exercise programs first.

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Male Breast Reduction SurgeryDo You Want An Alternative To Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

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