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Many a times, you might hear people pass comments on your beer belly and you are fed up of it. I have heard people say, “The only thing fine about Anthony Bennett is the beer that he drinks”, and the people around have a laugh at you. Initially I never cared for it, but later decided that I have to do something about it. But, giving up the beer was just impossible for me, but the beer fat had to be melted at any cost.

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About Beer Belly Be Gone

What actually is a beer belly? Fat deposition takes place in the area between chest and the waist and is known as beer belly. Does this mean that it is caused due to beer? Well, in my initial search the revelation I found was that the word ’beer belly’ is just a usage and this is caused due to calorie build up. Increase calorie intake in the form of junk food when couples with our sedentary lifestyle is the main reason for beer belly.

Now, the next question would be why there are more men looking out to beer belly be gone. In men, the fat cells are mostly concentrated in the abdomen area and the undigested calorie is deposited as fat in this area. After you have understood the cause, you can now easily have your beer belly be gone. Know the source of the belly and make a clear idea as to what you are going to do to get rid of it. Is beer not involved in the development of the belly? Beer is not the only cause, but it does contribute towards the belly formation. Alcohol contains sugar and thus contributes towards the calorie intake and it also increases huger, worsening the situation

So, what can you do to have the beer belly be gone without bidding farewell to the beer. There are alternatives like diet beer with lower calorie so that you do not increase your calorie intake. And yet, you will have to work out to get rid of those excess calories consumed. When you drink low calorie beer, you have only a few calories to burn and thus you can reduce the amount of workout required. But, yet you do not want to drink those pale terrible tasting girly beers. So what is the catch here?

The trick is to drink responsibly. There are beers like the dark Guiness Draught and Beamish Irish Scout which have a lower calorie and carb count and yet taste and seen the same, maybe even better. And I personally use the trick “earn your beer”, after hours of hard work and physical activity you can drink your beer which will not increase your calorie count.

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