Causes of Gynecomastia

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Causes of GynecomastiaA surprisingly large number of men suffer from a condition called Gynecomastia. Most people know of this condition by its popular names such as male breasts, man boobs or even moobs. The mammary glands and breast tissue of these men develop abnormally due to various reasons, giving them an unwelcome but distinctly female appearance.

The fact is that this condition causes a lot of emotional distress to the man who has it even though it does not strictly cause a health problem. There are a few causes of Gynecomastia and the treatment varies accordingly.

Gynecomastia can affect a male at any stage of his life. There are many instances of infant boys with enlarged mammary glands. This happens because they get excess female hormones from their mothers due to certain reasons. This condition is generally a temporary one and the breasts subside over time.

When Gynecomastia occurs, the result is that a man has a pair of distinctly female looking breasts on his chest. A man with this condition will obviously be reluctant to undress in front of others. This makes sexual intimacy a big problem for him. As a matter of fact, he is rarely willing to go to a public swimming pool or beach for fear of drawing unwanted attention.

A man should first understand the various causes of Gynecomastia and especially find out what causes it in his specific case. He will need to go to a physician who will run various diagnostic tests. According to most doctors, this condition is generally caused due to hormonal imbalance or obesity. The treatment options vary drastically in each case.

Every male has a certain amount of male and female hormones in his body. It is when estrogen (female hormone) increases in levels with reference to testosterone (male hormone) that the problem of Gynecomastia arises. It is inevitable that these men will develop breasts just like those of a female.

Interestingly, only a very small proportion of Gynecomastia cases are caused due to endocrine (hormonal) problems. Most men who suffer from this condition actually are highly overweight. They have excess fat on their bodies, including on their chests. If fat deposits on their chests due to obesity is the cause of their problem then the solution is also very simple. These men have to work on burning away their fat.

A man who has male breasts needs to first find out the cause of Gynecomastia in his case. The problem can then be treated to his complete satisfaction.

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